Custom software development is our expertise.

Give us your problem and we can provide your software solution. We have extensive knowledge in the development of desktop, web, and mobile software, along with 30 years of experience. We can offer you professional advice along with competitive costs.

Some of our customers

We can improve the mobility of your company's production processes.

We have the necessary experience to develop mobile applications with a variety of technologies, such as Android Studio, Flutter, Xamarin, Web Responsive, etc. In addition, we can access your databases using the latest remote and local access tools.

We design websites using Joomla.

Joomla is the leader in website creation, being the most award-winning Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. There are more than 40 million webpages created with Joomla and there are more than 12,000 components at your disposal that will allow you to expand the functionalities of your website with options such as a virtual store, newsletters, forums, image galleries, and an ever-growing multitude of possibilities.

We use the best technologies to develop the software that you need.

We have extensive experience in system development using the best tools on the market, incorporating best practices into our code. We have developers specialized in the most modern technologies, and in this way we can offer you quality work.

We have specialized software products to manage the maintenance CMMS or GMAO of your company's assets.

SoftFlot ver 5.0

  • Vehicle maintenance (CMM)
  •  Inspections Check List
  •  Fuel Control
  •  Service Reminders
  •  Parts & Inventory
  • Travel Logistics
  • GPS integration
  •  Tire Check
  • Accident Control
  •  Vehicle Cost Analysis

SoftMant ver 3.0

  • Assets maintenance (CMM)
  • Asset Catalog
  • Visual Task Calendars
  • Proactive Maintenance
  •  Parts & Inventory
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Work Progress Indicators
  • Asset Cost Analysis
  • Mobile integration
  • General Asset Audit

CR&J Software is headquartered in Dallas, Tx.

Although we are located in Dallas, TX, we serve all the Americas, with the majority of customers in Latin America. We currently have more than 1,800 registered users and several major international companies as clients.

Looking for Support?

We have a Help Center in Mexico and Central America to be able to advise and offer technical support to all our users, and sales consultants for new clients. This year we expand our service to North America.


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