what we offer

In our company we offer high quality and efficient services for our clients.

Currently, business mobility is making companies invest in the development of applications of all kinds and interact with different platforms worldwide, not limited to the borders of their country of residence, this makes IT development companies every day we have to reinvent ourselves and train ourselves to achieve new technologies and that we have an experienced team that helps us meet these challenges.

This knowledge is required to be able to convert the ideas and requirements of our clients into a viable software project at a reasonable cost using the best programming language that will give us the best time to complete it successfully.

We faithfully believe that there must be a balance between quality software development at a cost reasonably consistent with the type of company and its requirements.

Our Expertis

  • Web Applications Development
  • Web Services Development
  • Design and publication of Web Pages
  • Mobile application development
  • Montaje de Base SQL Server en la Nube
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Desarrollo de Aplicaciones de uso industrial
  • Development of interfaces between systems
  • Instalación y diagnostico de aplicaciones
  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones no Windows

We create applications with nice interfaces

Give us your problem in the operation of your work and we will develop the solution you require with a pleasant and easy-to-understand interface, trying to carry the logic of your operation at all times.


United States of America

CR&J Software Solutions, Inc
Headquartered International Sales.
Allen Place 450 Century Parkway,
Suite 250 Allen, Texas 75013
Phone. +1 469 436-9320
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Distribuidora de Software Interasystem
Miguel Angel Perez Mejia
Tel. +52 442 670-0965
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Tel. +52 442 670-1018

Centro America

B&R Ingenieria de Sistemas, S. A.
Guatemala Capital
5A. Avenida 5-55, Zona 14 Edificio Europlaza,
Torre 1, Nivel 9, Oficina 902
Tel. +502 2 314-6500
Mov. +502 5 989-2102


Corporación Wantel, C.A.
Puerto la Cruz
Avenida Stadium, C.C. Porto Bello, Piso N1, Ofic-12B,
Referencia Frente al Estadio Alonso Chico Carrasquel
Puerto la Cruz-Estado Anzoátegul
Tel. +58 (0281)-581-2801
+58 (0414)-992-4181
Tel. +58 (0412)-314-2009

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